Microsoft Endpoint Manager Environment Changes

Chatting with a new customer, and the common need came up, a formal document outlining the needed changes to implement Microsoft Endpoint Manager in a Configuration Manager only environment.  These changes are available on Microsoft’s Docs website, but found through various links and products.   This will be an attempt to centralize and simplify the change request. 

This post will cover the changes for Azure AD, Intune, and Configuration Manager to implement co-management and a cloud management gateway.   If your organization is implementing these solutions, below will be a guide for the Microsoft Endpoint Manage environment changes. 

Azure AD

The Intune application for Mobility (MDM and MAM) will get configured in Azure AD.  This will allow automatic enrollment. Here we limit the scope to our test group based on either an on-premises synchronized security group or an Azure AD security group. 

  1. Sign into
  2. Go to Azure Active Directory
  3. Select Mobility (MDM and MAM)
    Azure AD Mobility MDM & MAM Settings
  4. If this is for production rollout select All. If for a pilot or proof of concept select Some and select to be targeted group(s)
    MDM Enrollment Configuration

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