IT Operations Reborn

A proven manager, leader, architect, and solution developer for your IT infrastructure, operations, and business process needs. With a keen focus on driving change in process innovation, development, optimization, and automation. Committed to increasing returns on investment and building a team atmosphere where innovation is incubated.

Within in my tenure of multiple IT positions in the full-time employment and in the consulting field, I have developed and relied on core competencies to achieve delivery excellence. With a commitment for innovation and vision. With understanding in the need to running a highly efficient and profitable IT organization. From cutting costs to applying proper charge backs to specific organizations.

I do not only pride my self in achieving the technical challenges, but in understanding on how a support organization runs and produces value for either internal or external customers. With these experiences I have excelled with leading, planning, designing, managing, developing, executing, supporting, and reporting on projects relevant to all client and infrastructure management and migrations.

While gaining well documented and proven business operations and becoming an innovated process developer; utilizing PowerShell, C#, .NET, and ASP.NET.

In the same time never abandoning my passion and precedence in System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), Operations and Monitoring, Automation with PowerShell, providing insights into data analytics reporting on your client’s events, configurations, inventory, and compliance with Microsoft Power BI, zero touch operating system life-cycle management, application deployment and removal, compliance, configuration baselining, with all ending in the decommissioning of the device.

Achieved through integrating Configuration Manager’s (SCCM) mechanisms with your IT Service Management, and/or IT Asset Management, and/or Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework.

Personal Background

I come from a mid to small size town outside of Cleveland, Ohio.  A blue collar community where everything is earned.  A husband, father of two, and a Cleveland Browns season ticket holder.  

I strive for a unified management suite for all aspects of IT Operations.   I hope you enjoy my site.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out.


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