Configuration Manager (SCCM) Power BI Reporting

I would like to introduce you to the next generation of endpoint reporting we created at Ascent Solutions.  System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) vNext Reporting with Microsoft Power BI. Microsoft Power BI is the insight engine that your organization needs.  Not with just Configuration Manager reporting, but extending out into your cloud, data center, ITSM, ITAM, and even your security vulnerability scanning appliance. 

Does your organization have a grip on client reporting health, let alone if your getting the latest Windows updates deployed.  These are tough questions to ask new customer’s when we need to properly plan a new roll out.  

This video takes you through some developed possibilities.  These solutions are in constant development. I am adding new insights weekly to these reports. Microsoft’s Power BI give us no limits into your organizational IT makeup, including but, not even close, limited to, Microsoft Operations Management Suite, Azure SQL, Amazon RedShift, Oracle, and MySQL, and etc….


With the old days of creating these reports in SQL Reporting Services, with flat file, after flat file.  An unjust way of sharing and consuming.  We are now able to consume our data where ever we are on the globe.  Worried about last nights deployment, Power BI can be the engine that delivers that information to you.  If you want more information please contact Ascent at [email protected] 

SCCM Client Health Dashboard

What you see above is achieved utilizing Configuration Manager’s (SCCM) inventory function, combined with Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft’s Data Gateway, SharePoint, and Windows Analytics.

I look forward to hearing from you on how we can implement this into your environment. 

SCCM Reporting vNext with Power BI

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