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Since Microsoft has decided to implement a true OS migration in Windows 10, I have decided to release my tool for the IT masses. The Windows Migration Utility is a User State Migration Tool (USMT) GUI.

The Windows Migration Utility is built for migrating user and system data to a defined location. Configuration of what is captured and restored uses USMT’s methodology of specifying configuration rules in XML files.  Utilizes the latest USMT version 5.0, so there is no reason for worrying about mapped network drives and printers USMT 5.0 does it.

Windows Migration Utility is built with C# and uses .NET Framework 2.0. Out of the box should work with 95% of all Windows XP Pro machines. This utility also allows help desk personnel to capture and restore remote machines utilizing Microsoft’s PSExec command line utility. Windows Migration Utility has built in configuration options for running commands before a capture is ran and running commands after a restore has finished. It brings the Configuration Manager’s Task Sequence idea to a graphical user interface. Windows Migration Utility comes as installation program but also it includes an ZIP file for running the program in standalone mode.

Windows Migration Utility Supports these scenarios:

Windows 7 / 8 / 10 to Windows 10

If the data is captured by utility it has to be restored by utility.  Data is stored in a compressed and encrypted MIG file. Windows Migration Utility also supports restoring user data captured from other programs utilizing custom decryption keys or hard linking.

Screen Shots:

Windows Migration Utility Configuration Windows Migration Utility Main Form


Windows Migration Utility

11 thoughts on “Windows Migration Utility

  1. Hi Tim, I’m a Senior Desktop Support tech and I was reading the description on your Windows Migration Utility. I was not able to download the utility as the link seemed to be broken or moved. Would it be possible for you to provide a new download link or send it by e-mail if its not to big. I would like to use the utility to see If I can migrate users profile where I work.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Hi Tim, does WMU support capturing user data from Windows 7 and restoring it to Windows 10 please?

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